Imagine, you’ve finally bought yourself that new jacket you’ve been eyeing up for months or those new headphones that have just been released. The excitement bubbles as those five magic words finally appear ‘your order has been dispatched,’ and then…radio silence. You can’t see where your new purchase is? The frustration sets in as you start asking yourself, ‘where is my order?!’

Sounds familiar? We’ve all been there.

It might come as a surprise to retailers that 90% of consumers track their online orders, and a further 33% check the status of their delivery at least twice. For anybody that works in retail tracking logistics, they’re fully aware of the precarious balancing act that’s required to not only manage consumer expectations, but to successfully coordinate and track the movements of their goods to ensure they safely reach their final destination.

Enter Delivery Tracker. A new innovate portal that gives consumers the ability to track their orders, and also provides retailers with tracking logistics data insights to increase revenue and make smarter logistical decisions.

Track every stage of the delivery journey

Empower consumers to track every stage of their order journey through Delivery Tracker. After successfully orchestrating delivery movements, provide consumers with a portal that offers insight into the different aspects that make up a delivery – from its origin to destination. By providing current delivery status, parcel journey details and estimated delivery date, all with consistent language, you’re able to keep consumers engaged with a brand experience that reaches far beyond the checkout.

Reduce costly WISMO calls

By providing consumers with clear and accurate tracking information, you’re able to cut the amount of costly where is my order (WISMO) calls to your customer service team. Not only does it save on operational retail costs, but it ensures consumers are provided with a frictionless delivery experience that drives loyalty and boosts retention.

Track multiple orders through a single tracking page

Consumers aren’t interested in parcels. They interested in their order and receiving it as efficiently as possible. If consumers have multiple parcels on the go, Delivery Tracker consolidates all the information into a single page view for consumers – even if the parcels are being delivered by different carriers. Consequently, you’re able to manage and smartly plan logistics and consumers are able to obtain complete visibility into where all of their items are through one easy click.

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