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Display order cut-off times, accurate delivery dates and shipping options that are personalized to each visitor on your eCommerce store.

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Is your delivery causing basket abandonment?

Delivery accounts for over 40% of purchase abandonment online, consumers told us…


have abandoned their basket because of unsatisfactory delivery options


have selected a retailer based on the convenience of their delivery options


want to see upfront delivery dates before they purchase


expect delivery options to be displayed on the product page


say sustainability is the most important factor when selecting delivery options

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Delivery Benchmark Report 2021

Online retail was expected to grow by 16.5% in 2020, but by the end of Q1 it had already exploded by 28%. In the Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2021, the latest in a series of highly regarded research commissioned by Metapack, we look at how retailers have survived the Covid stress test and how they are preparing their businesses to thrive in future.

Delivery Options Whitepaper

Convert more eCommerce sales

Offer the right shipping choices with exact delivery dates

Give your customers a better eCommerce experience with accurate delivery promises and more convenient shipping choices, tailored using real-time carrier, warehouse, product and location data.

Convert more eCommerce sales

Reduce delivery anxiety

Create urgency to order while meeting your delivery promise

Avoid failed delivery promises while creating urgency to buy by displaying order cut off times.

Set clear expectations

Set clear expectations by calculating delivery dates using real-time location, warehouse and carrier data.

Increase first time delivery success

Eliminate missed deliveries with collection points

  • Access the world’s largest library of pick-up locations from lockers, parcel shops, and convenience stores​
  • Reduce the risk of missed orders and stolen packages
  • Minimize the environmental impact of your customer’s order
  • Easily add new PUDO services to your store without additional website development
Add convenient delivery choices

Add convenient delivery choices

Extend home delivery choice and exceed expectations

Give customers the choices they want, with access to over 400 carriers and over 4900 services to present home or business delivery options, including:​ nominated day, same day, next day, timeslot and much more.

Sustainable Delivery

Cater to environmentally conscious customers with sustainable delivery options

32% of consumers say sustainability is the most important factor when selecting delivery options – even more important than cost and speed. Do your delivery options stack up?

Increase conversions by offering the environmentally friendly delivery options your customers want. Offer green delivery options like electric vehicle or bicycle, as well as out of home collection options like Click & Collect, PUDOs and Lockers, to lower the carbon footprint of your customer’s order.

Leverage your physical stores

Reduce shipping costs with click and collect from your stores

  • Drive footfall to your stores with click and collect options on your website​
  • Reduce shipping costs by fulfilling deliveries using your own fleet​
  • Lower the carbon footprint of delivery with lower costs for you and the consumer
Leverage your physical stores

Remove tech complexities

Easily connect your operations and carriers to your web store

Single API for all carriers

Spend less time creating and maintaining direct carrier integrations. Access to over 4900 services from a single lightweight API.

Reduce web development

Quickly add or remove services on your eCommerce store, without the need for additional web development.

Reflect availability

If you reach your warehouse capacity, pass cut off times, or a carrier becomes unavailable, automatically reflect this on your web store.

Best rates for each service

Use clever logic to find the fastest and best value carrier for each delivery service type you offer.

Easily switch carriers

Effortlessly switch carriers based on their availability, performance, shipping costs and price updates to meet your needs​

Ensure fast web response

An unresponsive website can kill your conversion, don’t let slow integrations affect your sales, our API responds at incredible speeds

Personalized delivery

Convert more and cut shipping costs with dynamic delivery

Offer tailored options
Offer tailored options for each web store visitor using warehouse operating hours, cut-offs, transit times, inventory location, weights and dimensions, fulfilment centre locations, customer address and more.
Reduce shipping costs
​Reduce shipping costs for both you and your customers by encouraging use of collection or connecting them with more cost effective carrier based on their location, order and chosen delivery service.
Increase revenue
Increase revenue from the existing traffic on your website by ensuring your delivery options match your customers’ expectations, driving conversion and reducing abandonment.

Additional delivery options have driven our website sales by 37.9% and increased footfall into stores, 31% of our e-commerce customers now use Click & Collect.”

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