Shipping Software & API

Multi-carrier Shipping Made Easy

Our shipping software and API lets you quickly integrate with the world’s carriers and instantly generate fully compliant shipping labels and customs documents.

Why enterprise businesses choose Metapack

Trusted by hundreds of the world’s most successful retailers

Ship anywhere with over 350 global carriers through a single integration

Lower your cost-to-ship

The carrier platform for eCommerce shippers with serious ambitions to scale

Shipping Easily Integrate

Easily integrate with the world’s carriers

Shipping Easily Integrate

Automatically select the best service for a parcel

Shipping Easily Integrate

Handle massive volume at incredible speed

Shipping Easily Integrate

Fulfill delivery promises at the lowest cost

Shipping Easily Integrate

Quickly start shipping in new ways and locations

Shipping Easily Integrate

Track operational performance

Select the right carrier for each order

Meet your customers’ delivery expectations, every time

Reduce parcel shipping costs

Automatically select the service that can meet the order requirements and delivery service type such as economy, next day or nominated day for the best price.

Keep your delivery promise

Use warehouse operating and cut off times, parcel weight and dimensions, delivery addresses and business rules to prevent allocating to a service that cannot meet your customer delivery promise.

Gain delivery contingency

Easily adjust how you ship and where from. This allows you to quickly react to carrier service outages and captivity issues, unscheduled warehouse closures and unanticipated volumes.

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ShipEngine API Solution

Whether you’re a growing brand, ecommerce platform or 3PL with our API-only solution ShipEngine, you can get going in minutes. Pick and choose APIs, end points, services and features to fill gaps in your existing workflows.

Sign up for a free developer account (no credit card required) and get an API key. Our comprehensive documentation makes it effortless to integrate.

Increase efficiency, optimize your fulfillment workflows, and grow your business with our API-only solution.

Featured report

International Expansion Playbook

Whether your company’s located 5 of 5000 miles away, consumers expect just as much from brands when it comes to delivery. Fast, few, and trackable delivery can be complicated for retailers to provide, especially when they lack a local presence. Successful international expansion lies in finding the right balance between cost-effectiveness and customer experience. Find out how to scale into new markets by downloading our Playbook.

Metapack - International Expansion Playbook

Reduce your time-to-market

Quickly connect to thousands of carriers services

350+ native integrations

Significantly reduce the time, cost and engineering complexities of shipping with carriers, by using a single API to access over 350 native carrier integrations​

4,000+ delivery services

Quickly extend the delivery choices you offer your customer, with the biggest range of carrier services available

350,000+ PUDO locations

Enable delivery and returns from over 350,000 convenient pick-up and drop-off locations worldwide including lockers, grocers, parcel shops and more ​

Delivery Manager helps us offer a wider range of delivery options which reflect how our customers want to receive their orders all over the world.”


Label Response Speeds

  • 90% 90%

Typical direct carrier API: 1600ms

  • 90% 90%
  • 60% 60%

Typical Competitor/CMS Platform: 800-1600ms

  • 30% 30%

Metapack: < 300ms

Use the fastest, most reliable shipping API

Removing warehouse disruption with lightning fast performance

With a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% we ensure there’s never any disruption at the backbench.

Our API will pick the right carrier service and generate an approved shipping label, all within 300 milliseconds, even during the busiest peak periods.

Add convenient delivery choices

Create carrier-approved labels

Print outbound and return carrier approved labels in the latest specifications

Instantly generate:

  • Compliant labels in uniformed sizes for all services
  • Labels in print formats including: ZPL, PDF and PNG
  • Return shipping labels you can pack with shipments
  • Multi-language labels for localized shipping
Ship smoothly across borders

Avoid shipment hold ups with the correct documentation

Smoothly ship by:

  • Efficiently handling exceptions such as re-prints and errors
  • Adding label extensions with internal reference numbers,
    barcodes and more
  • Producing customs paperwork such as CN22/ CN23
    and commercial Invoices
  • Scheduling pre-advice to carriers
Add convenient delivery choices

Build powerful shipping rules

No development work necessary

Easily prioritze which carriers and carrier services your shipments are allocated to by setting up shipping rules based on various criteria.

These can be edited whenever, requiring zero development work.

Effortlessly sync and share data across your various business systems

Developer friendly API

Our shipping software and API is unlike any other…

Delivery Tracking

Seriously fast responses rates

Unlike most shipping software, we create native integrations, for unparalleled performance. We are honest about our speeds, and so confident in our response rates we contract to them.

Delivery Tracking

World’s largest carrier & PUDO library

Just one integration gives you access to over 350 carriers, 4,000 shipping services and 350K PUDO to support delivery in almost every market and region across the globe.

Delivery Tracking

Truly unique carrier allocation

Unlike most shipping software which use fixed rules or hard-coded logic, our allocation engine uses real-time carrier, warehouse and consignment data to ensure selection perfectly matches your delivery requirements.

Delivery Tracking

Built for volume and scale

With 1 billion labels transacted a year, and 13.5 billion tracking events, our platform is built to handle serious volumes with contracted 99.99% availability.

Want to access the right carriers?

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