Reach over 7 billion new customers around the world with personalized, data-driven customer delivery experiences.

No one gives you more access to more delivery options in more places

Regional/National Carriers

Delivery Services

Countries Served

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

Top retailers trust Metapack with their customer delivery experiences

No one makes it easier to deliver your products to the world

  • Easily expand to new markets with the world’s largest label library
  • Increase conversion and reduce cart abandonment with dynamic delivery options
  • Fulfill every customer delivery promise using real-time data
  • Automatically switch between carriers to reduce costs
  • Use your stores to deliver and return your products
  • Drive customer engagement with smart tracking and returns

“Metapack helped us increase conversion by 23%.”

-Martin Goldstein
Head of Purchasing, River Island 

The fastest, most reliable carrier integrations with guaranteed 99.99% uptime

  • Experience high availability due to our direct EDI vs carrier APIs
  • Gain direct access to carrier backend technology
  • Easily scale – we process more than 62K transactions per second at peak
  • Ship 10x faster than most carrier APIs – 200ms response times
  • Dedicated account manager plus proactive 24/7 monitoring
  • Trusted by the world’s leading retailers and brands

Leverage our expertise to easily expand into new markets

  • Tap into global markets including USA, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Russia and China
  • Quickly deploy with local carriers via a single API
  • Leverage our local expertise to choose the right services for every market
  • Access our international network of logistics partners
  • Utilize our warehouse location-finding services
  • Get seamless support for over 200+ currencies

Give your customers what they’re asking for…


expect delivery options to be displayed on the product page


chose retailer because they provided more delivery options


of consumers would choose a retailer based on an easier returns process

Source: Metapack State of eCommerce Delivery Report

Grow conversion with unique, personalized delivery options

  • Provide dynamic delivery options and fulfill your customer promise
  • Access 350K+ PUDO (Pick-Up/Drop-Off) locations
  • Offer “Click & Collect” and “Ship from Store” options
  • Display delivery options on product pages
  • Drive conversion, increase customer loyalty and reduce cart abandonment

Fulfill your customer delivery promise using real-time performance data

  • Make informed decisions using historic data from 8 billion+ transactions
  • Get accurate delivery times from carriers to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Adapt delivery options based on variables including weather, strikes and warehouse capacity
  • Track carrier performance and avoid potential delivery issues
  • Understand customer delivery preferences in each location

Build trust with accurate end-to-end tracking

  • Engage customers with branded experiences from order to delivery
  • Manage customer anxiety through real-time communication
  • Let customers select their favorite communication channel (email, SMS, etc)
  • 25,000 status events across all carriers translated into 61 friendly events

Seamless international returns and exchanges

  • Manage global returns through one branded online portal
  • Boost refund speed/order replacement by having a local warehouse receive returns
  • Locally grade your returned products and either consolidate, refurbish, destroy or resell
  • Dramatically reduce return shipping costs and carbon footprint
  • Reduce customer-related service enquiries by 40%
  • Make better buying decisions with real-time insights