Carrier Certification Programme

The Metapack Carrier Membership Programme represents a formal binding agreement between Metapack and our Carrier Members on how we work together for the benefit of our mutual retailers and consumers.

For Retailers and Brands the benefits of these partnership efforts are endless – hassle free set up and availability of all carrier services and delivery options they would like to offer to their customers.

Our Carrier Members

350+ carriers worldwide have opted in to our Carrier Membership Programme. Click here to learn more about them and check the list of Metapack certified services they offer.

Global Label Library

Metapack’s delivery management platform integrates over 350 carriers & postal operators worldwide and 4,000 services, enabling the delivery of more than 500 million parcels every year across the world.

Benefits for Carriers

  • Metapack will undertake the development work required to keep Certified services  ‘Retailer Ready’
  • ‘Minor works’ will be undertaken for all Certified carriers’ services
  • Further development work required to have a discounted rate
  •  24/7 Support available for Certified carriers
  • Prominent listing on the Carrier Mapping tool
  • Dedicated Carrier landing page
  • Marketing promotion for certified carriers

Benefits for Retailers

  • Faster onboarding for Certified services
  • Fully maintained and fit for purpose Certified services
  • No additional costs in setting-up Certified services
  • Certified services are always ‘Retailer Ready’
  • Quickest time to market for new services
  • Formal support for the carrier giving the Retailer peace of mind
  • Identification of Certified services – Carrier Mapping tool