12 minutes on Ship From Store

As a fulfilment process, Ship from Store offers retailers and brands the opportunity to use their bricks and mortar locations in a different way. In this episode we speak with Yuri Koldaev – Product Owner at MetaPack, who takes us through the benefits of Ship from Store, how it works, and things to consider when

25 minutes on Delivery Options

Episode 5 For this week’s discussion we are joined by Duncan License – VP Product at Metapack, who shares his thoughts on how retailers can use delivery options to their advantage, delivery options that meet consumer needs, how to price delivery options and more. You can find a copy of Metapack’s Delivery Options Benchmark here:

Who Owns the Relationship with the Customer?

Bonus Episode This bonus episode features a panel discussion that took place at TDC Global 2019 and addresses the subject of who owns the customer relationship: the brand, the retailer or the marketplace? And what is the role of the carrier: should they be building direct customer relationships? Panellists: Philippe Hemard, Founder, PHC Tim Jones,

Preparing for Peak 2019

Episode 3 For this episode we are joined by Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insights Director at IMRG (Internet Media Retail Group, the UK’s online retail association). Andy shares his thoughts on the current state of retail, an how brands and retailers can use the learnings from peak 2018 to plan for peak 2019. About this

Bridging Online and Offline: Perfect your Omnichannel Strategy

The merging of digital and physical shopping channels is changing how businesses approach customer engagement. With just 15% of shoppers completing the entire customer journey, from pre-purchase to returns, without any physical touchpoint, even if buying online, it’s clear that a successful retail strategy must seamlessly integrate physical stores with e-commerce platforms. Embracing an omnichannel

AI in Marketing: Transforming Retail in 2024

The fusion of digital and physical shopping has carved the path for an omnichannel approach in retail, fundamentally changing how sellers connect with their customers. This transformation is primarily driven by advanced technologies and the shifting expectations of today’s consumers, who are looking for seamless, integrated shopping experiences across all channels. Among these technologies, artificial

The Future in Your Cart: How Omnichannel is Redefining Shopping

A transformation is underway in the world of retail, led by evolving customer expectations and advanced technologies. This has ushered in an era where £52 billion of online sales have depended on brick-and-mortar stores, signalling the importance of a holistic shopping experience. Consumers now seamlessly alternate between virtual and tangible channels, expecting brands to give

Navigating Holiday Shopping Trends 2023: Prepare for a Successful Peak Season

The final months of the year, often referred to as the “golden quarter,” are here. For retailers, this period isn’t only for festive celebrations; it’s a critical time of heightened sales, strategies, and delivering unmatched customer experiences. With an increasingly competitive market and rapidly changing consumer habits, as consumers get excited to make holiday purchases,