Our 3PL Solution

Unlock the full potential of your e-fulfillment services

Provide a superior solution for your customers with a trio of powerful tools. Automate your pick/pack processes, expand your carrier options, and provide your customers with integrated tracking and real-time delivery analytics, modeled by logistics experts.

Delivery Tracking Hero
Delivery Tracking

Diversify your carrier library

With over 350 native carrier integrations, your customers can ship globally and effortlessly scale their shipping operations.

Delivery Tracking

Offer the best services for your customers

You can compare rates, transit time and much more with over 4,000 carrier services and 350,000+ PUDO locations, ensuring you select the best option for every shipment. 

Delivery Tracking

Reduce maintenance and integration costs

Maintaining carrier integrations can take up valuable time and money. We take care of this for you, removing complexity and costs.

Label Response Speeds

  • 90% 90%

Typical direct carrier API: 1600ms

  • 90% 90%
  • 60% 60%

Typical Competitor/CMS Platform: 800-1600ms

  • 30% 30%

Metapack: < 300ms

Handle volume with ease

Market-leading automation software

​Our platform uses a ton of logic to perform tasks on your behalf, such as speedy allocation decisions at scale and at granular levels to cater for all use cases.

With a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%, 3PLs can print carrier compliant labels at lightning speed, in less than 300 milliseconds to be precise.

This supports automated pick and pack workflows and helps you ship large volumes with ease.

We politely challenge you to find another offering like it.

International shipping made simple

Reduce unnecessary delays

We facilitate your cross-border shipping operations by enabling you to easily produce customs documentation such as CN22 / CN23 and commercial invoices.

Access international carriers and pass the necessary information (IOSS, EORI) to smoothly ship anywhere.

Ship anywhere with over 350 global carriers through a single integration

Your customers are going green

We’re pedaling alongside them to deliver on those ambitious sustainability goals

As 3PLs, you know your customers are setting increasingly ambitious sustainability goals.

At Metapack, we’re committed to helping them achieve those goals with our eco-friendly delivery solutions. Let us help you deliver on sustainability, one package at a time.

Cutting-edge reporting, built by industry experts

Periods of unprecedented demand and heightened industrial action in global markets demonstrate just how important it is to better manage risk. When post and parcel services are predicted to fail, we help you reduce the impact on your operation and, fundamentally, the experience of the end consumer.

Lower your cost-to-ship with Metapack’s 3PL solution

The carrier platform for eCommerce shippers with serious ambitions to scale

Reduce Delivery Distance

Configure your shipping locations

Regardless of where your customers ship from you’ll be able to meet their needs.
Shipping Easily Integrate

Connect your carrier accounts

Connect carrier accounts with your own negotiated rates and charges for each service type and region.
Keep Business Trading

Add and manage delivery services

Quickly adapt to your customers needs by easily adding and managing delivery services.
Shipping Easily Integrate

Configure your shipping rules

With truly unique carrier allocation using real-time warehouse, carrier and consignment data.
Shipping Easily Integrate

Sync your shipment details

Seamlessly share data between leading warehouse management, order management and eCommerce platforms.
Shipping Easily Integrate

Generate labels and manifests

Enable your customers to ship huge volumes and increase warehouse efficiency by instantly generating carrier compliant labels and manifests.

Effortless delivery analytics

Shipping Easily Integrate

Increase warehouse productivity

Gain visibility of parcel statuses and quickly resolve processing errors.
Shipping Easily Integrate

Avoid failed delivery promises

Identify and intervene with in-flight parcels that may cause delays.
Shipping Easily Integrate

Strengthen your delivery proposition

Understand shipping duration to display accurate delivery dates.
Shipping Easily Integrate

Reduce carrier and shipping costs

Track SLAs and evaluate your parcel profile for contracting.

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