As the title suggests, online returns can be tricky to say the least. They often pose costly and complex challenges, which clash with consumer expectations of free online returns. This article will look at ways businesses can reduce costs associated with returns and ensure that you offer a convenient, compelling and competitive returns experience.

The current landscape about online returns

In our Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2023 we looked at online returns and the tension that exists over who foots the bill. We found that only 24% of consumers are willing to pay for returns, whereas more businesses are introducing charges to deal with the increase in returns as well as an attempt to offset the high operational costs.

The processing of returns involves problematic reintegration of products into the supply chain, assessing condition for re-sale, and processing refunds. On top of this, handling an online return costs retailers around a fifth of the original order value on average.

As you can see, they’re problematic. So, what’s the solution?

The solution of online order returns

Offering a strong returns experience is a must and by not doing so you’re losing out on customers and your ability to convert. The good news is that there are various solutions out there that enable you to build exceptional returns experiences.

Consumers demand a clear and visible returns policy and when it comes to processing returns, they expect a self-service experience. This has various benefits. It puts the consumer at ease as they are in control and it also helps reduce customer contact, lessening the burden on your customer service teams and cutting your cost-to-serve.

As we’ve mentioned, many of the costs associated with returns are operational. The ability to select the most cost-efficient returns services, locate missing stock, manage stock volumes and several other factors all result in a costly endevour.

Metapack Returns on Demand API empowers you to build a seamless self-service returns experience. We provide you with cost-effective and convenient returns services for domestic and international shipments, with complete control over feature implementation, tone of voice, and branding. You get full visibility and tracking for any return shipments, helping you manage and reduce operational costs.

Provide the experience consumers expect and begin to solve the complex challenges that come with online returns.