Delivery Disruption

Maintain Continuity and Consumer Trust in Times of Disruption

Be prepared for any unavoidable impact across your business and learn how to react to minimize supply chain disruption

We’re Here to Help in Times of Disruption

Metapack’s technology is built to remain agile in times of disruption – as a fully cloud-based solution with a flexible IT model and tech that scales on demand, our technology is robust and a member of the team will always be on hand to support you.

In the wake of the constantly changing Covid-19 pandemic, shifts in political and corporate stances are shaping a new face of delivery. To help you navigate the landscape, we’ve compiled a number of resources on delivery disruption including, blogs, announcements, carrier data feeds and live updates to keep you up to speed.


Disruption Trends Impacting eCommerce

Maintaining Customer Confidence

How do you reassure customers that you can offer a reliable service in uncertain times?

Reassure customers

Evolution of Shopping Habits

A look at how consumer buying habits and supply chains change in times of disruption

View consumer habits

Impact on eCommerce

Discover delivery trends during times of uncertainty that retailers should consider

Discover trends

Covid-19 Shipping Infographic

Take a look at the industries seeing an increase in shipping volumes as a result of the pandemic and those that have seen a decrease.

Covid-19 Home Delivery Volumes

Track the weekly impact of the outbreak on delivery services across the UK. Our Home Delivery Volumes page will track the progress and performance of carriers over the coming weeks to offer insight into the constantly evolving climate.

Latest Carrier Updates

Amidst any delivery disruption we know that it’s important for you to be kept in the loop on integral services.

Follow this link to get the the latest information and updates from a select number of our carrier partners.