Covid-19 Home Delivery Volumes

With cases of Covid-19 increasing globally and the reality that disruption will likely continue indefinitely, Metapack has compiled critical delivery data* to reflect evolving trends impacting UK carriers and consumers. Metapack’s Home Delivery Volumes Index and Carrier Performance Heat Map will be updated weekly to track volume and performance changes.

Home Delivery Volumes Index

The Home Delivery Volumes Index is a visual representation of how a sample set of our eCommerce customers (retailers and brands) are performing over the Covid-19 outbreak period. We indexed all volumes from the start of March to show their relative performance during this period.

Carrier Heat Map

The Carrier Performance Heat Map allows you to track how the top UK carriers perform throughout the following weeks. Carrier performance figures from March were calculated for each carrier, using a sample set of our customers. We index all figures to allow you to see each carrier’s improvement/degradation in service, relative to their performance in March.

The dashboard below is interactive, so feel free to use the filters or click on the table and map to see a little more detail.

Metapack’s Technology

Metapack’s technology model allows us to limit disruption to your shipping logistics, with key features, including:

A fully cloud-based solution, ensuring disruption to local offices will have zero impact on Metapack’s ability to maintain business continuity.

A DevOps IT model, allowing Metapack to avoid having a single point of failure within our IT teams, in case of limits to employee availability.

Our tech scales on-demand, so if your supply chain faces unexpected events, Metapack is able to adjust dynamically to best support you.

An Update from Metapack

In this time of uncertainty, we wanted to update all of our customers and partners on the ever changing situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic along with how Metapack is reacting to the pandemic. Please take the time to read the update from our CRO, Bruce Fair.

*Due to the current climate, some service levels and measures will be against what would be considered market and industry norms.