Ship from Store

Leverage Store Inventory Through your eCommerce

Pick, pack, print labels and ship from store, to fulfil your eCommerce orders

Ship from Store

What is Ship from Store?

Ship from Store is a shipping model that allows sellers to leverage inventory held in their physical stores and make it available to sell through their eCommerce channels. If you have inventory held in store, you can connect it to your eCommerce platform, then display it on your website to fulfil online orders.

Why Ship from Store?

Ship from Store can be a great way to increase your store inventory exposure to a wider audience, while helping reduce demand on warehouses and provide operational contingency.

Keep Business Trading

Keep your Business Trading

Reduce the impact of warehouse issues by turning stores into mini distribution centres
Leverage Stock Online

Leverage Stock Online

Increase sales by selling inventory that was previously trapped in stores through online channels
Reduce Delivery Distance

Reduce Delivery Distance

Help cut shipping costs and reduce your carbon footprint by using locally held stock to fulfil orders

How Ship from Store works

Online order received
Fulfilment allocated to store
Store picks & packs order
Store prints carrier label
Manifest sent to carrier
Carrier collects parcel from store
Buyer gets tracking updates
Carrier delivers to home address

Featured whitepaper

Putting stores back to work

Learn how the Ship from Store model allows retailers and brands to support and enhance often stretched warehouse logistics.

Ship from Store enhances the retailer’s capability to offer guaranteed rapid delivery services while allowing them to utilise in-store stock more efficiently.

Metapack - International Expansion Playbook

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Add convenient delivery choices

Why are people investing in the Ship from Store model now?

With expectations that 25% of US malls will close by 2022; there is no doubt that retailers and brands are operating in a highly challenging environment.

In the convergence of the online and offline worlds, investing in Ship from Store allows sellers to deliver a scalable solution that can maximise the exposure of their stock within stores.

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