Targeted, personalised delivery options

Metapack Options

Forget unspecified delivery times and single delivery options, consumers now expect their products to be delivered when and where they want them.

By providing up-to-date, available delivery options at the point of purchase, Metapack Options enables retailers to build brand differentiation and loyalty with targeted and personalised delivery choices – including home delivery, click & collect and pick-up & drop-off networks. This choice and convenience empowers price and time-sensitive customers to find the most attractive delivery option, while the retailer ensures the best delivery experience with managed and optimised shipping costs.

This dynamic, flexible and targeted approach improves conversion and reduces basket abandonment by offering customers personalised options, and guaranteed delivery dates, that suits their needs and gives them confidence at the point of purchase.

  • Build brand differentiation and loyalty through delivery choice
  • Increase conversion and reduce basket abandonment
  • Optimise and control shipping costs
  • Remove the integration and maintenance cost of new delivery methods and carriers
  • Reduce calls to Customer Service teams by displaying actual delivery date during checkout

Deliver Choicelaptop-options-two-screens

From standard delivery, to next day or same day pick-up, Metapack Options enables retailers to offer delivery choices for the wide-ranging needs of customers, all from a single point of integration. Enabling access to over 350 carriers, and more than 4,000 services, retailers can control and define their delivery options inline with business rules and operational requirements. Adding or changing carriers is easy by taking advantage of existing and new delivery and collection methods built into Metapack.

Metapack Options enables eCommerce retailers to offer compelling and reliable delivery options at the point of purchase, based on the product details (such as size and weight), stock availability, destination, location and customer preference. Including home delivery, click & collect and pick-up & drop-off networks, Metapack Manager enables retailers to differentiate through delivery by putting the delivery choice in the hands of the customer, while retaining complete control of delivery costs.

Optimise Delivery

With integrated map functionality to display options from over 10 PUDO carriers across 100,000 European locations, Metapack Options enables retailers to offer customers the ability to quickly and easily find their nearest or most convenient points. A constantly maintained and updated database guarantees accuracy for customers while ensuring retailers meet their customer promise. In addition to delivery options, it is important for high street retailers to include store locations as part of their delivery proposition. To increase footfall in stores, and maximize truck fill for own fleet for store deliveries, retailers can include click & collect with location-based collection options using address, postcode and ‘near me’ functionality.

Customer Promise

With fully configurable and reliable delivery options, the retailer only displays available and accurate options to customers before purchase, supported by a guaranteed delivery date. This ensures customers know exactly when their order will be delivered, or will be available for collection, and removes any uncertainty during the purchase process. Displaying actual delivery date during checkout means customers know when to expect their order which reduces calls to Customer Service teams. This level of detail is obtained in real-time from the Metapack Platform to ensure customer promises are kept.

83% Options-Box-1

of consumers want to see delivery options displayed on the product page

66% Options-Box-2

have bought goods from one retailer over another because it provided more delivery choices

49% Returns-Box-3

have paid more for better or more convenient delivery options