Comprehensive worldwide Track and Trace

Metapack Track & Trace

Customers now expect accurate, consistent information about the status of their parcel, no matter where in the world its coming from. Delivering a consistent experience to customers is no easy task as events and statuses vary greatly across carriers.

To enable full end-to-end tracking, Metapack translates over 25,000 status events across all carriers into 61 common events that are easily understood by consumers and customer service teams. This ensures Track & Trace information can be communicated to customers in a consistent way, regardless of who delivers the parcel, and ensures customer service teams are kept informed and can effectively manage any issues. All despatch data is automatically archived for seven years, ensuring all historical data is readily available if required.

Metapack enables the delivery of status updates directly over SMS and email, and can be supported by branded Track & Trace pages to further strengthen brand loyalty.


  • Access tracking data and integrate to existing systems via direct feed or API
  • Proactive outbound customer communications via e-mail & SMS to manage customer expectations
  • Allows customer service teams to deal with WISMO calls in one place and in a consistent way that does not require to learn each carrier’s systems – simplifying the process and decreasing the cost of dealing with calls
  • Track & Trace provides consumers with one destination to get tracking updates, whatever the carrier, which improves user experience and reduces inbound calls to customer service teams

Audit delivery performance
Improve your customer experience by quickly identifying and proactively resolving issues

  • Adjust your customer promise and expectations based on actual past performance.
  • Identify issues with your carrier data timeliness and completeness by comparing when deliveries took place vs. when they were reported.
  • Easily monitor receipts of tracking scans and quickly identify when packages may be at risk of non-delivery.
  • Quickly identify packages which packages are due for delivery but still in transit.
  • Easily review manifests so that you can quickly identify and manage expectations on packages which are at risk of failing your customer promise
  • Identify trends which may indicate a degradation in delivery performance by analysing deliveries of the last 50 days.
  • Assess the health of your trade lanes by reviewing your shipment volumes regardless of state.

Understand your profile
Obtain unique insights into your traffic profile from all shipping origins and destinations

  • Determine your traffic profile over time and determine if you could improve your costs on typical shipping profiles.
  • Detect patterns and trends on named operational periods and adapt to changes in despatch patterns.
  • Review your shipping volumes so that you can plan and forecast effectively
  • Understand the number of packages sent within each weight and size band, enabling you to provide better request quotes to carriers and provide more robust forecasting.

Manage your delivery promise
Have visibility and control of your customers’ delivery experience in one place

  • Quickly identify specific areas where your delivery performance is being impacted – broken down by warehouse, market and carrier level.
  • Identify why a particular market may be underperforming on their delivery promise.
  • Perform annual reviews on delivery commitment times and evaluate where improvements could be made.

A single source of truth
Metapack Delivery Intelligence includes all of your delivery data right through from the start of the delivery through to the end, providing unparalleled insight across your entire supply chain.

82% Options-Box-2

of consumers say its important that a retailer communicates the tracking status

81% Track-Box-2

say they track their parcel 2 or more times


85% Track-Box-3

like to track by email, while 45% like to track by mobile