Carrier Mapping Demo

What you will learn in this webinar...

It can be difficult for retailers and brands to define and analyse carrier services in the market, leading to frustration and confusion. Whilst Metapack has a broad range of carriers on its platform, there hasn’t been an easy way to access that data and visualise it all in one place.

Until now…

Metapack Carrier Mapping is the fastest route to carriers and the number one resource for retailers and brands to analyse carrier routes and services.

On July 25th, we hosted a short webinar to demonstrate the most comprehensive carrier label library in the world. As a ‘gazette’ of carrier services, you can search and visualise carrier data by origin, destination, service code and service types such as Economy, Express, Next Day, Premium and PUDO.

Originally launched at The Delivery Conference 2018, Metapack Carrier Mapping has undergone several new developments since, making it more comprehensive and easier to use.

You can view the full webinar recording with Q&A session below.