Real-Time Delivery Analytics

Powerful, actionable data and proprietary algorithms based on over 8 billion transactions.

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A single source of truth for delivery

  • Gain visibility into the full customer delivery experience
  • Efficiently audit your delivery process
  • Easily understand your traffic profile
  • Identify and proactively resolve issues to fulfill delivery promises

Fulfill every customer delivery promise using real-time data

  • Fully audit delivery performance
  • Know “real” delivery times for each carrier so you can deliver on your promise
  • Identify specific areas where delivery performance is being impacted – view by warehouse, market and carrier level
  • Adapt delivery options based on variables including weather, strikes and warehouse capacity

Understand and meet local expectations around the globe

  • Leverage 8+ billion transactions from top retailers to easily expand into new markets
  • Understand customer delivery and communication preferences in each country
  • Dynamically adjust delivery options so they are relevant to your customers

Optimize delivery, streamline costs, and instantly resolve delivery issues

  • Pinpoint trends which may indicate a decline in delivery performance
  • Review your shipping volumes to plan and forecast effectively
  • Understand your package profiles (weight, zone, and size) to obtain better carrier rates
  • Use returns feedback for better inventory planning
  • Leverage 8+ billion transactions from top retailers to make smarter decisions
  • Identify when packages may be at risk of non-delivery or missing the customer promise
  • Keep carriers delivering on their SLAs and accountable for delivery issues