Carrier Overview:
Quantium Solutions is a leading eCommerce logistics provider offering a fully integrated and scalable end-to-end solutions to match your needs.  Backed by innovative solutions, powered by the latest in technology and combined with our dedicated teams of local experts, we are your partner engine of growth.

Carrier Description:
Headquartered in Singapore, we are ideally positioned to be your eCommerce gateway to Asia. With Singapore’s regional connectivity, our fulfilment and logistics infrastructural advantage and well-established delivery ecosystem in the region, we are connecting businesses from all over the world to the fastest growing region: Asia Pacific

A pioneer in eCommerce logistics, we made significant investments in expanding our direct network and now operate in 19 markets with added access to almost every country in the world through our postal network.

Quantium Solutions’ global reach is backed by our state-of-the-art infrastructure, strong local logistics expertise and our group’s eCommerce capabilities; we are your gateway to Asia.

Certified Services:

  • Ezyparcels Standard
  • Ezyparcels Priority
  • Ezyparcels Registered
  • Ezyparcels RegisteredPlus

Carrier Contact Information:

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Make Delivery Your Competitive Advantage

  • Easily expand to international markets with the world's largest label library
  • Increase conversion and reduce cart abandonment with dynamic delivery options
  • Use your stores to deliver and return your products