London – 26 February 2019 – The growing domination of online marketplaces and brands. The vital importance of improved store experiences. More competitive carrier pricing and services.

In his opening address to The Delivery Conference 2019 (TDC Global) today, Metapack founder Patrick Wall laid out these three critical battlegrounds that will shape the eCommerce and carrier landscapes in 2019.

The Event
TDC Global, organised by Metapack, took place at The Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.  Over 1,200 delegates representing the retail, brand and carrier industries enjoyed a packed agenda of presentations and debates. Presentations from industry leaders including Google, Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and Evri highlighted the 10th anniversary of this global eCommerce event.

Keeping up with the Mega Marketplaces
In the TDC Global opening keynote, Mr Wall discussed the dominance of the big online marketplaces, which are outperforming other areas of eCommerce. He cited their use of scale to offer attractive delivery deals but urged all retailers to adopt winning mechanisms such as loyalty programs.

“We will also see a huge growth in brands online. They are investing in a direct-to-consumer approach underlined by technology that is setting new standards. And it is a proposition that is winning market share for brands,” said Mr Wall.

Creating More Compelling Retail Store Experiences
Mr Wall pointed out the importance of ensuring customers receive a fully integrated experience across channels including retail.

“It seems to me that many retailers with physical stores are making serious strategic mistakes by not investing enough in the in-store look-and-feel, range authority and face-to-face staff interaction,” Mr Wall said. “If these areas are being cut back in order to meet the economics of falling footfall, the decline will continue unabated. If necessary, close stores, but ensure those that remain offer a compelling experience to customers.”

Navigating a More Competitive Carrier Landscape
Addressing the carrier community, Mr Wall said it was imperative to understand their cost to serve in an environment where competition will become more intense. “There are vast differences in drops per route and therefore the cost per drop. This is unsustainable. The best way forward is to collaborate or failing this, to create differentiation in delivery charges,” he urged the industry.

TDC Global – Celebrating 10 years Uniting the eCommerce Community
TDC Global is unique in its ability to bring the eCommerce community together to start the new year, so that learnings from Peak, future market trends, innovative ideas and strategies can be discussed in an open forum among the leaders in the industry.

“This is an exceptional event in the eCommerce calendar and TDC Global 2019 did not disappoint,” commented John Clem, General Manager at Metapack. “From the thought-provoking keynote speeches that opened the conference to the announcement of our very worthy award winners at the end, it was a day packed with insight, debate and networking opportunities and we look forward to welcoming an even bigger audience in 2020.”

About Metapack
Founded in 1999, Metapack helps e-commerce and delivery professionals meet consumer’s growing expectations of delivery, whilst maintaining and optimising operational efficiency. Metapack’s SaaS solution offers a wide range of personalised delivery services, from global order tracking to simplified return procedures, through a catalogue of 350 carriers and 5,000 services available that span every country in the world. Thanks to Metapack, more than 550 million packages are sent annually by many of the world’s leading eCommerce retailers. Metapack is a wholly-owned subsidiary of (Nasdaq: STMP).

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