Comprehensive carrier label library now online and launched at The Delivery Conference

THE DELIVERY CONFERENCE, LONDON – 30 January 2018– Metapack, the global leader in eCommerce delivery technology, is introducing a brand new and unique service for retailers and brands with the launch of its Metapack Carrier Mapping tool. This service, which sees the publishing of Metapack’s comprehensive carrier label library, the largest in the world, being unveiled at The Delivery Conference in London today.

For the first time, retailers and brands using Metapack Delivery Manager will have instant online access to carrier information by origin, destination and type, allowing them to provide customers with increased delivery choice and convenience, and to support overseas growth.

Metapack Carrier Mapping brings together a complex web of data on every route and service offered by carriers, and presents the information in four different categories: ‘category leader’, ‘certified carrier services’, ‘platform’ and ‘low or no volume’. This enables eCommerce retailers and brands to make choices, against clear criteria, from thousands of different propositions.


“Developing Metapack Carrier Mapping has required very close cooperation with retailers, carriers and consolidators to make sure that it meets the highest expectations,” said Alexei Haigh, Global Head of Carrier Product at Metapack. “Our objective was to collate the many different variables, the vast array of service terms, and the myriad of carrier capabilities into a single, authoritative solution that was straightforward and quick to use. The feedback we have had has been universally positive.”


The tool, which is available through the website, also ensures that any SLA published is backed up by the Metapack certification programme. This will be a major benefit to retailers and brands who will know that the services on offer are always fit-for-purpose and ready for use.


At launch, Metapack Carrier Mapping will contain all UK origin and destination data. Metapack will also demonstrate a large part of the European origin and destination data. This will be completed with the rest of the world by the end of the quarter.

“Our intention is not just to provide the most rigorous, informative service, but to continue enriching the Metapack Carrier Mapping tool with a deep level of information and assistance,” continued Alexei. “We want to improve the speed to switch for retailers, and highlight carrier services that have previously found it difficult to gain any exposure. Delivery is such a key differentiator in the eCommerce landscape, and this service will allow retailers to sharpen their delivery offers and vastly improve the cost to serve. “

Further information about Metapack Carrier Mapping is at: