The Delivery Conference provides forum for introduction of new ‘Delivery Intelligence’


THE DELIVERY CONFERENCE, LONDON – 30 January, 2018– Metapack, the global leader in eCommerce delivery technology, is today announcing the launch of Delivery Intelligence. This innovative solution which provides in-depth insight and actionable reporting, fully integrates with the Metapack Delivery Management platform, further enhancing the delivery lifecycle supported by Metapack solutions.

Delivery Intelligence has been designed to give retailers a clear picture of delivery and carrier performance in real-time, enabling them to drive improved operational efficiency and ensure they are meeting the exacting needs of their customers. It is available as a software add-on for existing users of the Delivery Management Platform, and delivers accurate and highly valuable data from every stage in the delivery process.

Amongst its features, retailers will be able to:

  • Assess lead times with three options: end-to-end delivery from warehouse to recipient; final mile from carrier collection to recipient; fulfilment time from shipment creation to pick up by carrier
  • Calculate the speed of delivery in a particular geography or trade lane, even within cities and key locations
  • Identify the location of a package and where and when parcels have been scanned
  • Profile the count, weight and volume of a package to a specific destination on days, weeks, months and years, against the optimal carrier options
  • Track scan compliance


Metapack is anticipating that retailers with the most complex eCommerce delivery networks are likely to gain most value from using Delivery Intelligence, and is targeting those retailers who have a wide variety of delivery options servicing multiple geographic locations via many different carriers.

Duncan Licence, VP for Global Solutions at Metapack, said: “Customers see delivery as a major differentiator, and retailers are responding by adding new options that meet customer demand and encourage long-term loyalty. This brings with it a need for real-time, accurate and actionable data, a 360° view of the entire delivery panorama, and we are providing this with Delivery Intelligence. Not only does the solution create logistical transparency for retailers, it also demonstrates the accuracy of carrier performance and will help to resolve issues quickly and underpin strong working relationships.”

Andrew Starkey, Head of e-Logistics at IMRG commented: “Such is the importance of delivery to the customer experience, that real-time data on delivery performance is a must have.

Metapack’s Delivery Intelligence solution fills a real need in today’s market and will allow retailers and their carrier partners to work even closer together to improve efficiency and create a great customer experience. Not only does Delivery Intelligence provide valuable performance information but it also allows for positive intervention to deliver the best possible service.