Consumers born in 1980s and children in 90s and Noughties are raving about online retailers who deliver convenience and choice.

A whopping 93% of 25-34 year olds told Metapack they had a positive experience with lockers and would recommend them to friends and family. Unsurprisingly, 65% have used click and collect and 41% have picked up their delivery when grabbing a carton of milk and a paper at their convenience store.

But could this older slice of the Millennial generation be willing to go even further?

The answer seems to be that their addiction to convenience means these Millennials may be more willing to try out delivery innovations like picking up their orders when commuting – 35% want the option to collect deliveries at their train station – and a third want to trial delivery to their car boot.  And they love the instant gratification of same day delivery with 80% telling Metapack they want to use it.

But like younger millennials if a retailer and its carrier partners get delivery wrong, online retail love turns to loathing very quickly.  84% told Metapack they’d name and shame retailers who screwed up a delivery and 69% would dump the retailer entirely for their next online purchase.

Check out more in our latest infographic about Generations of Online Delivery likes and hates.



Convenience is King - 25-34 year olds