London, UK, 8th April 2015 – The Metapack Group, the leading provider of eCommerce technology for retailers’ delivery services, today announced its inclusion in Gartner’s highly contested  ‘Cool Vendors in Supply Chain Execution Applications, 2015’ report  published March 26, 2015 by C. Dwight Klappich, et al.

Metapack believes its inclusion is due to their heritage of building solutions with consumer’s needs in mind, enabling better choice in delivery for shoppers across the world. Unlike most other technology platforms that focus on the relationship between the retailer and the carrier, Metapack operates a three-sided approach which has the consumer as the third, and equal, stakeholder. Consumer satisfaction and loyalty are key metrics for eCommerce delivery and are measured throughout the delivery process, ensuring that retailers exceed consumer demand. Metapack were highly commended for their consumer-centric approach to building technology.

Metapack has anticipated and capitalised on the growing trend for global eCommerce since its inception in 1999. Originally based in the UK, the last 16 years have seen Metapack open offices in the USA, France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Hong Kong and believes the inclusion of Metapack in this global list of ‘cool vendors’ by Gartner is further evidence of its growth and recognition on the world stage.

Patrick Wall, CEO and Founder of Metapack, commented: “The retail industry is only getting more competitive, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that delivery technology can be a differentiator. Technology can help save money, and it can also enhance customer service and loyalty immensely, giving retailers an edge over their competitors.”

“It is therefore a great honour for Metapack to be recognised as a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner, an advisory and research service which is well-respected throughout the globe. We feel this recognition serves as a testament to our current leading position in the market and our commitment to providing an excellent service for our customers and the consumers who shop with them.”

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