New white paper outlines options for eCommerce in wake of EU Referendum

With complex trade negotiations about to begin, Metapack, the global leader in eCommerce delivery technology, has today stated that European eCommerce can continue to flourish and escape burdensome red tape despite last week’s European Referendum result.   

According to IMRG, total online retail sales in 2015 represented £114 billion, a significant portion of the UK economy. With 11% growth forecast this year, this will further boost exports to the EU.  Commenting on this, Patrick Wall, CEO at Metapack, said: “With an equivalent level of eCommerce imports and two day delivery from one end of Europe to the other, consumers are enjoying variety, value for money and convenience. Future trade agreements need to protect these consumer rights across Europe.”

“At first glance it might be thought that cross border eCommerce is at the mercy of forthcoming complex trade negotiations, but this need not be the case,” he continued. “Moving forward we need to work together collectively to protect consumers’ access to an open European eCommerce market. At Metapack we are fully committed to ensuring that this happens.”

Metapack has just published a new white paper titled: ’UK exit from the European Union and potential developments for e-commerce’. This explores all of the trading models that are now being considered by UK and EU trade negotiations, including the Norwegian, Swiss and Turkish models as well as a default to the WTO approach. The company’s conclusion is that following the sensible precedent of agreements around the world, using a high “de minimis”, the majority of eCommerce could simply be exempt from the more complex duty requirements.

For further insight the white paper can be downloaded from

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