Metapack enables enhanced logistics automation and output, alongside streamlined and more flexible carrier management.

London, UK, 5 April, 2016Boost Loyalty BV, a leading provider of collectibles’ promotions for retailers and blue-chip brands in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Switzerland has achieved a significant uplift in operational efficiency following its recent move to the Metapack platform. After implementing Metapack Manager, the leading delivery management platform, Boost Loyalty has improved its operational efficiency, seeing a 25% increase in the volume of shipments that it is able to process on a daily basis at its warehouse and distribution centre in Hulst. The impressive performance gain gives Boost Loyalty the capacity and flexibility it needs to cope with peak demand spikes and pursue its ongoing expansion into new European territories.

“Thanks to Metapack, we’ve been able to streamline our warehouse and shipping operations, introducing a high degree of automation that has significantly improved our processing efficiency and output,” confirms Walther Merckx, Transport & Logistics Manager at Boost Loyalty.

Serving FMCG brands, retailers, and petrol and automotive companies, Boost Loyalty develops, manages and fulfils collectibles’ promotions and over 100 loyalty programmes in Europe on behalf of its clients. Handling around 750,000 parcel shipments a year, its central warehouse and distribution centre also oversees the dispatch of vouchers to consumers.

“Metapack eliminates the need to increase manpower resources or implement an ‘extended working day’ regime when faced with escalating shipment volumes,” continues Merckx. “As a result, we can handle peak demand periods, such as Christmas, without fear of having to defer shipments due to lack of capacity. The result is a more predictable workforce cost base and higher fulfilment throughput.”

Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Metapack Manager gives Boost Loyalty an end-to-end warehouse and dispatch service, complete with automated parcel label printing.

“One unexpected benefit has been the reduction in returns we’ve seen from carriers as a result of our ability to produce more accurate labels. As well as generating enhanced consumer satisfaction thanks to prompt fulfilment, we’re eliminating unnecessary additional shipment costs too,” says Merckx.

Boost Loyalty is also leveraging Metapack’s direct integration with over 200 carrier networks across the EU to streamline its delivery operations, tapping directly into seven carriers that offer coverage within the European countries it serves.

“Metapack provides us with superior operational agility and an unprecedented ability to respond to our customers’ demands and requirements. The Metapack platform gives us unparalleled flexibility and, as the promotional gifts we deliver on behalf of customers include shipping costs, it’s in our interest to gain the best possible rates in order to maximise the bottom line,” explains Merckx. “What’s more, with Metapack it’s now simplicity itself to implement new carriers when we enter new European geographies – something we’re currently in the process of undertaking to support a new opportunity in France.”

Kees de Vos, Chief Product Officer at Metapack, said: “A fully integrated and optimised delivery management system has transformed operational effectiveness for Boost Loyalty. Their ability to quickly get carriers online and provide flexible delivery services to meet a customer’s specific geographic and promotional requirements has made them better placed to cope with fast changing market needs.”