Descartes Peoplevox Integration

Build your brand on exceptional fulfilment


Descartes Peoplevox + Metapack

Integrate Peoplevox with our shipping platform for fast, automated pick, pack and dispatch

Pairing the fastest, most reliable carrier integrations with a WMS built for direct-to-consumer means delighting more customers more often with an exceptional fulfilment experience.

Manhattan Integration-Free and fast integration

Remove manual steps

Automate print rules at final dispatch scan

Manhattan Integration-Seamlessly fulfill your orders

Print from mobile

Peoplevox’s mobile despatch can print labels through Metapack’s API to a mobile printer

Manhattan Integration-Effortlessly manage the warehouse

Scale up your shipping

Intuitive workflows make it easy to add pack benches and extra capacity to your operation when required

Descartes Peoplevox + Metapack

The 10x Model for ambitious brands

The 10x Model is designed for merchants who know no matter how many sales they can drive through marketing campaigns, what really counts is providing an exceptional service to those new customers and turning them into loyal, repeat buyers. Peoplevox becomes integral to your scale as a business: it starts with picking, packing and shipping every order with precision and speed even at 10x usual volumes, and leads to growing 10x over as a brand in the years to follow.

Seamless Order and Warehouse

How it works…

Manhattan Integration-How it Works Step 4

Customer shops with their favourite brand online

Manhattan Integration-How it Works Step 2

Peoplevox maintains inventory accuracy between website and warehouse

Manhattan Integration-How it Works Step 3

Customer places order

Manhattan Integration-How it Works Step 4

E-commerce platform sends order information to Peoplevox

Manhattan Integration-How it Works Step 3

Items are picked and scanned at the pack station

Manhattan Integration-How it Works Step 6

Automated dispatch rules trigger API call between Peoplevox and Metapack

Manhattan Integration-How it Works Step 7

Labels printed w/Metapack whilst operator stays in Peoplevox platform

Manhattan Integration-How it Works Step 8

Orders dispatched and on their way to the customer

Descartes Peoplevox + Metapack

End-to-end shipping management solutions

Manhattan Integration-Access the worlds carriers

Access the world’s carriers

Reduce the cost to ship orders by easily accessing the right carrier and delivery services across all the markets you serve.

Manhattan Integration-Instant shipping labels

Instant shipping labels

Instantly generate approved carrier labels for each orders to ensure you meet your customer delivery promise at the best price.

Manhattan Integration-Easy parcel monitoring

Easy parcel monitoring

Track the operational performance and current status of all the shipments in the warehouse and those inflight.

“Metapack are a long-term, trusted partner to Peoplevox. Fast Track 100 brands like In The Style, Hype and The Range benefit from our integration and ships thousands of orders daily through the systems. The depth of the Metapack offering is a valuable asset to our shared clients.”

Become a Metapack Partner

Open up new opportunities for your business.

Build a joint proposition, receive competitive margins on referrals or build an integration that reduces friction, removing time and effort from what are already complex projects. Go to market together and create a buzz in the last mile market. Interested?