Remove the cost and
effort involved in connecting
MNPTheSolution WMSActive
with the carriers you need
to ship orders

WMSActive is integrated with Metapack’s shipping platform, giving you fast and streamlined order fulfilment, from the initial order to successful customer delivery

Manhattan Integration-Free and fast integration

No development and fast integration

Whether you’re new or an existing customer, quickly onboard a solution that is live with a number of joint customers.

Manhattan Integration-Effortlessly manage the warehouse

Seamlessly fulfil your orders

Manage all your orders in WMSActive then seamlessly feed shipments into the world’s leading delivery management platform.

Manhattan Integration-Seamlessly fulfill your orders

Effortlessly manage the warehouse

Pick and pack inventory, then create consignments, allocate to the right carrier service and generate shipping labels all within the WMSActive user interface.

How it works…

Customer places order

Order sent to MNP WMSActive

Orders sent for picking/packing in WMSActive

Generate labels/customs documentation in WMSActive from Metapack

Order manifested in WMSActive & Metapack

Shipment confirmation sent to customer

Customer receives order

Confirmation sent to Seller

End-to-end shipping management solutions

Manhattan Integration-Free and fast integration

Access the world’s carriers

Reduce the cost to ship orders by easily accessing the right carrier and delivery services across all the markets you serve.

Manhattan Integration-Seamlessly fulfill your orders

Instant shipping labels

Instantly generate approved carrier labels for each orders to ensure you meet your customer delivery promise at the best price.

Manhattan Integration-Effortlessly manage the warehouse

Easy parcel monitoring

Track the operational performance and current status of all the shipments in the warehouse and those inflight.

Become a Metapack Partner

Open up new opportunities for your business.

Build a joint proposition, receive competitive margins on referrals or build an integration that reduces friction, removing time and effort from what are already complex projects. Go to market together and create a buzz in the last mile market. Interested?