Fast out-of-the-box
integration of Manhattan
with our shipping platform

Remove the cost and effort involved in connecting your warehouse system with the carrier labels you need to ship orders

Manhattan Integration-Free and fast integration

No development and fast integration

Engage with young customers who shop their values and buy used. Let your customers market your brand’s products to their community.

Manhattan Integration-Seamlessly fulfill your orders

Seamlessly fulfil your orders

Instantly expand your available inventory with no upfront cost or MOQs. Capture the customers purchasing your brand on third party sites to grow your funnel.

Manhattan Integration-Effortlessly manage the warehouse

Effortlessly manage the warehouse

Increase your revenue and demonstrate your values without growing your environmental footprint.

Add convenient delivery choices

Seamless order and warehouse management

Manhattan’s Active suite (Active Omni & WM) is integrated with Metapack’s shipping platform giving you fast and streamlined order fulfilment, from the initial order to successful customer delivery whether you’re shipping from your warehouse or stores.

Manhattan Active® suite is the first of its kind, engineered specifically to deliver on omnichannel promises. Born in the cloud with a microservices architecture, Manhattan Active suite of order management, point of sale, customer engagement and warehouse fulfillment solutions that are always current and fully extensible.

How it works…

Customer browses item

Active Omni scans real-time stock levels

Metapack serves personal delivery options

Customer places order

Active Omni directs the order to a store or warehouse

Picking commences and order is shipped without delay

Customer receives order

Confirmation is sent to Active Omni

End-to-end shipping management solutions

Manhattan Integration-Free and fast integration

Access the world’s carriers

Reduce the cost to ship orders by easily accessing the right carrier and delivery services across all the markets you serve.

Manhattan Integration-Seamlessly fulfill your orders

Instant shipping labels

Instantly generate approved carrier labels for each orders to ensure you meet your customer delivery promise at the best price.

Manhattan Integration-Effortlessly manage the warehouse

Easy parcel monitoring

Track the operational performance and current status of all the shipments in the warehouse and those inflight.

“Metapack’s platform offers the enterprise access to one of the largest range of carrier services available globally through a single integration thus extending the value and ROI for Manhattan’s customers even further.”

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Georgia Leybourne, Sr Director International Marketing

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