Codeless Integration

Codeless Platforms Integrates Metapack with your business systems


Codeless + Metapack

Connect Metapack with your ERP/CRM to process data between systems and remove time-consuming administration from employee workloads

Manhattan Integration-Free and fast integration

Improve delivery speed

Having orders automatically placed with Metapack means you’re not relying on employees to do this task; it can be scheduled according to your needs so that orders are shipped quicker.

Manhattan Integration-Seamlessly fulfill your orders

Remove repetitive data entry

BPA Platform can remove the manual process of placing orders with Metapack by automatically extracting the orders from your ERP system and seamlessly pushing all the data into Metapack for fulfilment.

Manhattan Integration-Effortlessly manage the warehouse

Enhanced visibility

Pull data such as tracking numbers, delivery notifications and returns into your ERP as well as Intelligence data (Shipping trends, faults or delivery failures) and reports (Carrier performance / Service selection) that are generated within Metapack can also be automatically extracted to keep your employees up to date.

Integrating Metapack with Codeless Platforms

By integrating Metapack with Codeless Platforms you will remove repetitive data entry, increase employee productivity and improve visibility of all sales deliveries across your business. Download the integration brochure to find out more.

Add convenient delivery choices

BPA Platform acts as an employee, on hand 24/7 365 days a year.

Ensure your packages are placed with Metapack quickly and your ERP and Metapack are kept up to date and correct without manual error or intervention.

Codeless + Metapack

Key features

Manhattan Integration-Access the worlds carriers

Pushing orders from business systems to Metapack

Manhattan Integration-Instant shipping labels

Pulling delivery data to update CRM/ERP systems

Manhattan Integration-Easy parcel monitoring

Updating all systems with returns data

Manhattan Integration-Access the worlds carriers

Automatically extracting intelligent data and reports

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