Eliminating the need for costly and time consuming systems integration, The VS Team deliver modern solutions that give modern retailers the competitive edge.


Founded in 2004 by British duo, Tim Ingham and Ed Bradley, The VS Team has continued to utilise open source technology to develop a cloud based, multi sector solution, The Edge.

The Edge creates a completely new way of accessing and utilising data within any network of systems and platforms, delivering rapid, controlled management of all business data – without ANY interference to existing systems

The Edge creates an agile, scalable infrastructure that seamlessly connects the existing landscape, while having the flexibility to adapt, evolve and embrace the future.


  • Flexible delivery options – ship from store, same day click and collect, ship to store.
  • Omni-Channel stock optimisation – intelligent order fulfilment
  • Single view of inventory – seamless supply chain connectivity
  • Enhanced customer experience – transparent order management
  • International expansion – direct online orders to global partners for fulfilment
  • Dropship – rapid expansion of product ranges and categories
  • Total connection – harmonise fragmented legacy systems

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