Initially built for a production parcel-shipping environment, paccurate is much more than bin-packing math. When provided sufficient information, it will account for the quirks of carrier rate tables, the complexities of dim weight fees, time required to pack, and many other non-intutive costs. Paccurate is practical cartonization for the real world.

Technical Summary

The vision of paccurate has always been one of focus and flexibility. From our use of the terms “box” and “item,” it could sound as if items are always things from your inventory, and boxes are always made of cardboard.

However, paccurate doesn’t view these as limiting words. A “box” can just as easily be a pallet or a shipping container, and an “item” can just as easily be a master carton or a loaded pallet, ready to be put in a truck.

It’s in these ways that paccurate doesn’t force your hand. With this perspective, it’s apparent that shipping something “this-side-up” applies just as much to packing eggs in a crate as it does to packing pallets on a truck. Rather than try to anticipate every use case out there, we try to expose enough functionality in the API for you to deal with new scenarios as you encounter them.

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