Neteven is the leading European online marketplace management system, specialising in helping merchants grow their business by managing and optimising the entire online sales cycle. Using Neteven’s proprietary software and bespoke services to manage their e-commerce distribution, merchants can gain maximum exposure for their catalog through international marketplaces.


Founded in 2005 by former eBay employees and technologies experts, Neteven is the first distribution solution exclusively dedicated to marketplaces, leading websites in the global e-commerce market. The cloud based solution proposed by Neteven was conceived to fit any industry and is the only one available in 5 languages. It is based on one unique software, internally developed, in close collaboration with marketplaces partners’ technical teams. Neteven integrates merchants with the largest number of leading marketplaces worldwide:

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  • UK:,,,,,,
  • GERMANY:,,,,,
  • ITALY:,,,,,
  • SPAIN:,,,,,,
  • HOLLAND:,,,
  • BELGIUM:,,,
  • AUSTRIA:,,
  • NORWAY:,,
  • DENMARK:,,
  • USA – CANADA:,


Neteven enables merchants to :

  • Manage inventory
  • Create universal and complient with all the marketplaces inventories
  • Publish products by EAN matching
  • Create product information sheet automatically
  • Create automated, personalised listing with attributes and variations management
  • Enjoy a mapping console
  • Adjust pricing on competition and create promotional campaigns
  • Benefit from marketplace optimisations Buy Box Amazon, Best Match eBay…
  • Centralise order processing
  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Create advanced reports…


In addition to its software solution, Neteven offers its customers strategic and technical accompaniment services. A full or partial outsourcing of your marketplaces distribution is possible thanks to our online sales expert team.

Make Delivery Your Competitive Advantage

  • Easily expand to international markets with the world's largest label library
  • Increase conversion and reduce cart abandonment with dynamic delivery options
  • Use your stores to deliver and return your products