IMRG – the UK’s industry association for e-retail – works in partnership with Metapack to produce the monthly IMRG Metapack UK Delivery Index.


IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) is the UK’s industry association for e-retail. Formed in 1990, IMRG is setting and maintaining pragmatic and robust e-retail standards to enable fast-track industry growth, and facilitates its community of members with practical help, information, tools, guidance and networking. Consumers can be confident when dealing with IMRG Members because all interact in an environment where they are encouraged to operate using methods that are Honest, Decent, Legal, Truthful and Fair, and have undertaken to not bring the industry into disrepute. IMRG works in partnership with Metapack to produce the monthly IMRG Metapack UK Delivery Index. Covering in excess of 220 retailers and an average of more than 4 million orders in any one month, this monthly Index enables the e-retail industry to track a wide range of key delivery benchmark metrics, trends and informs strategic decisions.


  • Data
  • Benchmarking
  • Indexes
  • Events
  • Expertise
  • Reports
  • Network
  • Events for the e-retail industry, including a one-day conference four times a year called Connect, Forums and Roundtables.
  • Monthly reports known as Indexes, which benchmark industry performance and identifying trends of e-Retail, m-Retail and Delivery.
  • Quarterly benchmarking reports for e-Retail which offer analysis in more detail
  • Reports around pertinent topics and e-Retail themes
  • Online forums, experts and advice
  • Network of carefully-selected solution providers

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