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Metapack Returns

Returns are increasingly seen by retailers as a key area to optimise, for both the consumer experience and to drive operational efficiency.

Customers expect the returns process to be as easy and simple as possible. While for retailers, it is important to manage returns cost effectively and understand and act upon any trend.

Completing the delivery lifecycle, Metapack Returns integrates with the retailer’s website to enable customers to manage their returns, print their own label and return their unwanted purchase via post, collection or drop-off locations. It offers retailers a new way to drive customer loyalty via the returns experience, and provides a real point of differentiation in global eCommerce.

Supported by a web-based Customer Service dashboard, the retailer has complete control of the processing and monitoring of all returns activity to ensure the operational efficiency of returns, and understand any trends or issues.

  • Drive customer loyalty through a simplified, yet comprehensive returns experience
  • Increase sales by offering returns as a differentiator to the competition
  • Manage and understand all returns activity and trends

Enhance the Customer Experience

Making it easy to return unwanted items via post, collection or drop-off locations, Metapack Returns integrates with the retailer’s website to enable customers to manage their returns and create labels on-demand, including full information based on return details. The returns label, downloaded or received via email, removes the need for returns labels to be included with the outbound order. The customer can simply print and attach the label to the parcel. Once returned, customers can keep track of their returns via the retailer’s website. Offering multiple options, Metapack Returns gives the retailer control of their returns activity, while ensuring the customer has choice and flexibility.

Monitor Activity

Metapack Returns simplifies the process for retailers, while offering enhanced functionality to ensure returns are managed effectively. With detailed information on the label, retailers can track and manage returns and record returned items, without even needing to open the package. Metapack Returns can be customised to the needs and business requirements of the retailer to give complete control of the processing and monitoring of all returns activity.

To ensure full operational efficiency and better management of inventory, Metapack Returns tracks the status from start to finish via a web-based Customer Services dashboard. Returns activity can highlight issues with stock or product details on the website; Metapack Returns gives retailers the ability to spot trends and act upon any potential issues. Furthermore, to retain control of returns, retailers can set approval levels based on configurable criteria. For example, low value items can be returned without manual intervention, while higher value items can be carefully managed.

Flexible Returns Options

Post: Customers can be offered the option to return their goods via post using the on-demand label.

Drop-Off: Customers can find locations via city, address or use ‘near me’ functionality to drop-off their returns when and where is convenient for them.

Collection: Where available, customers can choose to have their returns collected from a location of their choice. In addition, retailers can offer a premium, paid-for service with specific collection day and time.

81% Returns-Box-1

of consumers would shop more with a retailer that made the returns process easier

76% Returns-Box-2

view return options before completing an order

41% Returns-Box-3

are willing to spend more for a premium and more convenient return option