Managing Pierce AB’s international expansion with local delivery solutions

Industry: Automotive Retail
Region: Europe
Size: 400+ employees
Products: Shipping

Expanded from four delivery providers to 13 local carriers

Improved feedback loop, customer messaging and reporting

Reduced inbound customer service calls and emails

Confidence in supporting global plans and growth

“Metapack is a great solution, allowing us to continually improve our logistics and provide superior services to our customers. By unifying our systems Metapack removes complexity as our business grows internationally, whilst focusing on local services for our customers. Ultimately this is one of the factors our customers value the most.”


While the company’s operations are based in Sweden and Poland, Pierce AB puts a huge emphasis on ensuring the brands present a local face to the consumer. Taking into account each local website across all brands in the portfolio. Pierce AB runs 40 different websites in total. “We do everything locally”, explains COO and founder Stefan Rönn. “So we try to make every site localised with local payment methods, local shipping carriers, local social media – everything as local as possible without being in the country.”

In order to provide exceptional customer service across a wide geographical range, Pierce AB needed a partner that could provide a one-stop shop for all of its delivery management needs. “That’s the reason we chose Metapack – to have this local touch,” Rönn explains. By using Metapack Manager, the Pierce team has a single integrated solution for printing labels and assigning parcels to local carriers. Before implementing Metapack, four carriers served all of the company’s needs; today Pierce AB is able to send parcels through 13 local providers.”


With the proliferation of online reviews and customer commentary via social media, Pierce AB is determined to create competitive advantage through outstanding service. “You need to provide better and better service because everything is so transparent now,” Rönn observes. “It’s more and more important to serve the customer’s needs and address enquiries and address issues before they escalate.”

Thanks to Metapack Manager’s constant feedback loop, Pierce AB customers are able to obtain instant information on delivery status via SMS. At the same time, the Pierce AB team benefits from robust reporting about delivery, which makes it possible to gather insights to drive efficiencies and improvements.

“We measure everything now: inbound, outbound, picked, packed, shipped, picked up by the customer,” Rönn explains. “In eCommerce, you can really see a quick response when you make changes. We measure the phone calls week-by-week and can see a reduction in customer calls and emails coming in. We can also see ratings and reviews about our delivery experience increasing every month.”


With an estimated 800,000 parcels going out this year alone, Pierce AB continues its ambitious growth. Switzerland and the Czech Republic are the latest additions to the company’s growing list of coverage areas, and a new dot-com presence – offering worldwide shipping – is currently in the works.

As a single integrated and stable system, Metapack plays an important role in these global expansion efforts. By helping Pierce AB to present a friendly face to consumers no matter where in the world they happen to be, Metapack Manager provides a key link in the value chain to promote future growth.

Established in 2009, Pierce AB is a leading eCommerce operator with some of the most recognised online retail brands in the motorcycle and snowmobile industry. With a local presence in 16 European markets, the company’s portfolio includes 24MX (motocross), XLmoto (motorcycle) and Sledstore (snowmobile).

“If you can drive customers to come back one more time, two more times or three more times and be with us for several years, then it’s a good investment.”

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