Correos overview:

Correos was formed in 1716 as a public service from everyone for everyone. Succeeded in becoming the best provider for physical, digital and parcel communication in Spain, working efficiently, providing quality and sustainability; with the best team, the best coverage and the most innovative equipment. Correos is part of the daily life of the public, business and institutions, making their life easier. Correos Group comprises Correos and its affiliates Correos Express, Nexea and Correos Telecom.
Correos Group has evolved alongside society’s’ parcel delivery and communication needs, through innovation and continuous improvement, to anticipate changes in customers’ requirements and better meet all their needs.

Correos Description:

Correos is a global provider of parcel delivery solutions and physical and electronic communications. Correos is the company of reference in the Spanish and Portuguese postal markets for the excellence and reliability of its services and its extensive coverage of the territory, the biggest PUDO network, its personalized attention and comprehensive offer, also including direct marketing solutions, financial services and a wide range of products sold in Post Offices.         With more than 2,300 Correos offices and 4.500 CityPaq devices, 13,000 vehicles and 18 automated parcel treatment centers, Correos managed more than 165 million parcels in 2018.


Correos Available Services:

Correos National Services

  • Paq Premium – 24h-48h – available for home delivery, to Correos office or Correos automated CityPaq device.
  • Paq Estándar – 48h-72h – available for home delivery, to Correos office or Correos automated CityPaq device.
  • Paq Retorno – B2C home delivery return solution.

Correos International Services

  • Paq Light Internacional – Small parcels and the most competitive offer – mailbox delivery.
  • Paq Premium Internacional

Correos Contact Info
Eugenio Martin –


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