Carrier Overview:
Caribou offers retailers total flexibility. Overseas orders can be shipped by the most appropriate method based upon goods value or customer requirements. Retailers are able to select one or a blend of all four Caribou service variants to suit their distribution needs. Untracked, Registered, Tracked & Express.

Carrier Description:
Caribou is an independent company, formed to reduce costs and maximise efficiencies throughout the distribution process.

We can truly demonstrate a high level of expertise for niche and mainstream distribution solutions.

In the fast-growing online retail sector, Caribou can add comfort and support to online retailers looking to send goods to their overseas customers. Caribou is a hybrid parcel delivery service, often using a combination of Express export methods or a local Post Office delivery in the destination country.

Regardless of the delivery method chosen Caribou accesses the ‘best-in-class’ final-mile provider in the destination country to maintain its exacting quality standards. This ensures our customers benefit from a level of robustness and reliability that is unrivalled. We can provide a hassle-free experience. All you need to do is make the sale!

Certified Services:

  • Caribou Express
  • Caribou Registered
  • Caribou Tracked
  • Caribou Untracked

Carrier Contact Information:


Contact: Scott Dylan (

Tel : +44 (0) 330 010 6000

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Make Delivery Your Competitive Advantage

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