It’s not just hair gel…

Where is my order (WISMO)? A term that you probably want eradicated from your customers’ vernacular.

When it comes to delivery delays and uncertainty, the pain point is not just that buyers don’t know where their order is; it’s that these orders often form important parts of people’s lives – a dress for a wedding on Saturday, an integral ingredient for an exotic meal they decided to cook to impress your social circle; or maybe they ordered an amazing new hair styling product to look the bee’s knees for a date on the weekend.

It’s this immeasurable social value that often means the most to buyers. If you can provide a tracking experience that they can trust, that underpins reliability at every turn, their devotion to your brand will increase, resulting in improved LTV (Life-Time Value).

Delivery Tracker features to reduce WISMO

It’s estimated that 60-80% of inbound calls are WISMO related. Providing clear, accurate tracking data across the entire delivery journey is integral to reduce your cost to serve.

Standardised reporting in Delivery Tracker across all carrier events provides the buyer with a simplified view of their delivery status. Gone are confusing, irrelevant events such as ‘sorting complete’ or ‘arrived at random depot.’

Tracking Sequence

If the consumer wants to drill down to see more details on the whereabouts of their order, the parcel journey page displays our normalised events in user-friendly, local language. The multiple language functionality of Delivery Tracker means that your international deliveries will be clear and concise in local markets, further reducing calls to your service center.

Delivery Tracker is also designed to meet WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) meaning it’s accessible for everyone, regardless of any impairments. Cross device functionality, navigation mechanisms, natural language and alternatives to auditory and visual content are just some of the elements that have been considered in the design to ensure all communication is accessible for the user.

Delivery Tracker

With the built-in ratings system you can also get live feedback from your consumers, as they go through their post-ship experience by capturing immediate sentiment in the form of a simple star rating and text box. Designed to be familiar to the consumer and encourage feedback with short text forms; data can be exported from the admin tool as a .csv for further analysis and customer care.

Built by consumer driven experiences

Delivery Tracker was built with customers forefront of mind. Tested with real consumers and built using significant consumer testing to ensure it delivers exactly what shoppers want. 12 months of client research with retailers ensured that we incorporated the most relevant tracking functionality that your customers can trust every step of the way for a seamless consumer experience.

Head over to our Delivery Tracker product page to learn more about how the features can help you reduce WISMO calls, take control of you end to end customer tracking journey and increase customer loyalty.