We’re thrilled to announce that Metapack’s Delivery Tracker technology has won another award, this time the Innovation award at the highly coveted World Post & Parcel Awards (WPPA) 2021. The category recognizes the organization that has introduced a significant new innovation to the sector that demonstrates quantifiable benefits to its customers.

Delivery Tracker was chosen as it lets consumers track the progress of their order in a seamless and convenient way, on a self-service portal tailored to the brand’s look and feel. It’s a better experience for the customer, and it helps the retailer reduce customer contact.

This most recent win follows on from the eCommerce Awards 2020 where Delivery Tracker won the ‘Best innovation in eCommerce Delivery/Logistics.

What makes Metapack stand out from the competition? 

In today’s all-delivery ecosystem, demanding consumers crave frictionless and convenient delivery experiences. In fact, almost 40% of consumers say a bad online shopping experience is enough to turn them off a retailer for good. That’s why top retailers such as ASOS, Adidas and Burberry choose Metapack as their trusted ecommerce partner.

Metapack’s award-winning technology enables retailers to effortlessly meet growing consumer expectations of delivery, while maintaining and optimizing operational efficiency. With a global network of 350+ carriers and 4,000 delivery services, we offer a wide range of personalized delivery services that encompass everything from delivery options to tracking, and even returns.

The stakes to ensure business continuity have never been higher. This peak season with retailers forecasting an increase of 50-60% in online sales, why chose risk over proven reliability?

Why Delivery Tracker?

According to the judges panel: “This year’s winner challenges the current market status quo and provides consumers with a frictionless and consistent brand experience that easily allows them to track every stage of the delivery journey. Along with this, they have provided retailers with the ability to extend their brand and enhance consumer loyalty while providing an additional channel to drive generation.”

Launched in February 2020, Delivery Tracker was developed and brought to life by our phenomenal and passionate product team. It’s a branded tracking portal designed to improve customer delivery experience, reduce delivery inquiries and increase customer lifetime value for retailers.

69% of consumers say the ability to track an order is one of their top three considerations when buying a product online.

Delivery Tracker seamlessly connects to any online shopping environment and allows consumers to monitor the delivery status of their parcels in 17 languages, for over 350+ carriers worldwide. Delivery Tracker also works as a powerful retailer marketing tool, displaying customized promotional offers and messages that bring customers back into the purchase cycle.

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