With a 45% rise in ecommerce spending this Q2, many retailers are struggling to keep up. They see welcome opportunities to grow sales and acquire new customers, but their old systems simply weren’t designed to pivot and scale to meet demands like these. In challenging times, retailers need new ecommerce solutions, and that’s why they come to us.

A blueprint for more effortless ecommerce

This is also why the Wall Street Journal recently spoke to our CEO John Clem as part of an article called ‘Commerce without Chaos’. Along with other industry leaders, John shared strategies our own customers are using to keep pace with shifting behaviors and expectations. You can read the article here.

Citing research from Metapack’s eCommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2020, as well as our daily interactions with some of the world’s most successful retailers, John explains:

  • How to use local inventory to take the strain off supply chains, from peak season and beyond
  • Why multicarrier strategies are essential to processing more online orders, and larger order volumes
  • How to cope with returns when return rates during the pandemic have matched those typical of the post-holiday season

“After about three weeks into the pandemic, everyone realized this wasn’t going away. At that point, everyone’s buying behavior started to shift. There are still concerns regarding the coronavirus, and many consumers feel more comfortable buying online.”

– Metapack CEO John Clem, as featured in the Wall Street Journal

eCommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2020, as featured in the Wall Street Journal

Our report explains why ecommerce delivery has become a critical factor to leveraging today’s unprecedented demand, highlighting four key trends our customers are embracing now to serve, scale and win in the All-Delivery Era.

You can download the report here.