Take Control of Your Customer Journey with our Delivery Tracker Software

We all know the frustration of excitedly ordering a product, only to spend time trying to determine where it is and when it will arrive. It’s annoying, time consuming and reduces the likelihood of shopping with the retailer or brand again. And, 54% say clear, accurate tracking is an important consideration for the majority of their purchases.[1]

Metapack’s Delivery Tracker is here to end these problems! This delivery tracking software is a branded tracking portal which enables retailers and brands to display the current delivery status for their eCommerce customer’s orders and ensure consumers have a superior user experience.Delivery Tracker Tablet

It focuses on making tracking information simple and accessible to users. Available in up to 17 languages, Delivery Tracker has been created following an extensive R&D process enabling to reduce customer contact calls, increase revenues and extend their brand experience, all whist providing an engaging user experience.


What are the benefits of Delivery Tracker?

The benefits are many, but here are just a few:

Metapack’s Delivery Tracker enables retailers to drive additional revenue through smartly embedded adverts and navigation links on the tracking page. Increase online traffic back to your store, and make it seamless for consumers to re-enter the purchase cycle.

This Delivery tracking tool makes it easy for retailers and brands to manage both cross border and domestic activities. With over 500 carrier integrations, and 4,000+ carrier services, Metapack supports tracking worldwide to easily manage cross border and domestic activities, ensuring detailed insight and analytics into tracking. It is available in 17 languages providing jargon free accurate delivery information that is localised and easy to understand.

Retailers and brands will be able to extend the brand experience by offering a frictionless experience. The Delivery Tracker portal allows for a fully branded intuitive and beautifully designed user experience, to ensure all consumer interactions are consistent and brand loyalty is increased.

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Find out more about our Delivery Tracker software here.

[1] Metapack, State of eCommerce Delivery Report