Research from Metapack highlights the impact of negative post-purchase experiences

In Metapack’s latest research, Exploring the nuances in ecommerce. we carried out consumer and online merchant surveys. The sample included over 3,000 nationally representative consumers and 600 representative online merchants across the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Australia. The report highlighted the importance of delivery experience when it comes to customer loyalty. It proved to be the third most important (47.9%) factor, behind affordable prices and product quality.

No longer a ‘nice to have’

With more consumers shopping online than ever before, the industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and delivery experience is a crucial factor. We found that almost 78% of consumers are highly unlikely or not very likely to buy again from a brand following a negative delivery experience. Merchants can no longer afford to treat the post-purchase experience as an afterthought, doing so will negatively impact customer satisfaction and ultimately lead to a reduction in revenue.

Delivery experiences are the differentiator

The importance of offering outstanding delivery experiences is not only a prevalent notion in our latest research, Our Post Purchase Experience Report also echoed similar sentiments. We found that over two-thirds of consumers are less inclined to shop with a retailer after hearing of a negative delivery experience. Expanding on this, over 60% of UK consumers have shared negative delivery experiences with friends and family and 22% of UK consumers stated they have posted an online review, following a negative delivery experience.

The impact of a better post-purchase experience

Now that we’ve highlighted the negative impact a poor delivery experience can have, it’s time to delve into how to offer a better delivery experience and the positive impact it can have. A crucial part of the delivery experience is tracking. Customers want to be informed of any updates regarding their shipment, failing to do so will lead to an increase in customer contact and negatively impact customer satisfaction. We found that 82% of consumers want tracking to come from the retailer and 90% of consumers track their orders, with a significant amount checking more than twice. 

Metapack offers a suite of tracking products to help you cut your cost-to-serve and increase customer loyalty. Our Branded Tracking pages mean you can advertise to engaged audiences to increase revenue as well as reduce WISMOs by providing your customers with crucial updates. Our Tracking API  enables you to integrate enriched tracking and multi-carrier data to build exceptional tracking experiences that empower your customer services teams. Last but not least, our Notifications Webhook product allows you to send proactive tracking updates to your customers, increasing engagement and preempting queries. 

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