In the ongoing battle for acquiring and retaining customers, it’s becoming increasingly important for retailers to turn every touchpoint with their customer into an opportunity to extend their brand experience.

A particularly unique stage of the customer journey that retailers can take advantage of? Delivery tracking. According to research from Metapack’s 2020 Global eCommerce Consumer Report, the ability to track orders is vital to the customer’s overall shopping experience with a retailer:

Here are 5 ways you can drive brand loyalty and enhance your customer experience with the Delivery Tracker:

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1. Own the tracking so other people can’t

Don’t risk freely handing your customers over to third party tracking websites. With 82% of consumers wanting tracking information to come from the retailer, it’s critical for you to own this part of the journey.

2. Create one fully branded experience

Ensure your shopping experience matches your brand values with a level of customization that allows you to control the colors, logos and fonts.

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3. Use your voice

Avoid confusing customers with unclear or outdated tracking information. Instead, communicate clearly by crafting messages, important notices or other communications that resonate with shoppers and use a familiar, on-brand tone of voice.

4. Take engagement to the next level

With Google Analytics integration for tracking click throughs, traffic, page visits, and testing content, as well as rating and feedback functionality, you can measure customer satisfaction more effectively for improved engagement. Plus, grow your social network with the ability to share your channels within the page.

5. Give your customers what they want, the way they want it

Not only do consumers want the ability to track their orders, but how they’re able to track is equally as important. That’s why the Delivery Tracker was developed in tandem with consumer input. From responsiveness on multiple devices to accessibility for those with disabilities, the Delivery Tracker was built and tested with real customers to ensure it delivers exactly what shoppers want.

Find out how you can increase brand loyalty with Metapack’s Delivery Tracker.

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