The modern shopper is looking for ways to effortlessly combine ecommerce with an in-store experience. Click & Collect, also known as in-store pickup or BOPIS, is an increasingly popular fulfillment method for those looking to experience the best of both worlds. According to our research, 38% of global consumers plan to increase their use of Click & Collect post-COVID.

But the benefits of Click & Collect aren’t reserved for consumers! Adding in-store pickup as a delivery option is a great way to increase conversions on your ecommerce store, and drive much-needed footfall in-store. With Metapack Delivery Options it’s never been easier to integrate the option to your website. Our quick guide explains how.

Step 1: Quickly integrate Click & Collect at checkout with Delivery Options

With Metapack’s Delivery Options, setting up Click & Collect as an ecommerce fulfillment option on your website is as simple as it gets. Our lightweight API integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce platform, allowing you to display your store collection locations — as well as shipping service and PUDO points — with accurate delivery dates and charges.

Integrating in-store pickup is also a great way of driving footfall in physical outlets. This is all the more important in today’s retail environment, where customers are used to the convenience of online shopping and still need a bit of coaxing to head back into stores.

After setting up Click & Collect at checkout with Delivery Options, Metapack customer New Look says it has increased its own store traffic. Indeed, 31% of its online customers now opt for the method. Our own research shows that 52% of global consumers have made an additional purchase when collecting an order in-store.

For retailers using their own fleet to ship orders to store, Click & Collect can also provide substantial savings on delivery costs. For example, New Look avoids paying additional fees to third party carriers for its Click & Collect orders as it can consolidate them with the usual stock deliveries coming from the warehouse.

Step 2: Promote Click & Collect… and watch conversions rise!

Convenience means different things to different customers, so a wide range of delivery options at checkout increases the chance they’ll find one that suits them. Offering in-store pickup as a delivery option at checkout is proven to increase conversion rates. River Island, a Metapack customer, increased conversions by 23% after adding the option to its own checkout page.

The more information you can provide at this stage, the more confident your customers will be about their purchase – and the less likely you’ll disappoint them!

Metapack location services API allows you to clearly display your store locations on a map in addition to other PUDO locations, so customers can select the option that’s most convenient for them. The information is drawn from an online database of your stores which you can easily create and manage. You can also present opening days and times for full transparency.

Our research shows the most popular reasons for customers selecting Click & Collect are convenience, speed and cost. Be sure to highlight these factors when promoting the option on your website: emphasize faster delivery timeframes and make it clear if in-store pickup is free.

Environmental impact is also a key consideration for consumers. In-store pickup reduces the CO2 emissions of the final mile, so promoting it as a sustainable delivery option can also help to convert these environmentally conscious customers.

Step 3: Provide tracking to differentiate your brand

24% of global consumers who had a bad experience with Click & Collect said it was because they couldn’t track their order. With Metapack’s Delivery Tracker solution, orders placed for Click & Collect can also be tracked – a crucial step other tracking software providers, and many retailers, overlook.

It’s easy to launch your own branded tracking page where customers can follow the progress of their order, regardless of the delivery option they choose. You can cut customer contact thanks to the easy-to-follow, consistent updates, and even drive additional revenue through personalized advertising capabilities.

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