By joining us as a Carrier Partner, and once you’re integrated into the MetaPack delivery management system, all of our clients will have visibility of your services. MetaPack operates as a shop window for you, so you can tap into new markets by simply being available on the platform.

The ability to specify exactly what you carry by type of product, weight, dimension and geography means that your business can perform with maximum efficiency. And by being involved in a multi-carrier strategy, you can normalise your volume and maintain good relationships with retailers. Disaster recovery is quicker too, because retailers can temporarily depend on another carrier if your capacity suddenly decreases.


  • Access MetaPack enabled retailers, including 80 of the UK’s top 100 eCommerce retailers

  • Launch new services across all retailers at once

  • Market your services to new customers through MetaPack sales training

  • Facilitate forecasting and planning & Improve disaster recovery

  • Report on service quality and volume in real-time

  • Instantly field WISMO queries through transparent status tracking

How does it work?

To become a carrier partner, MetaPack analysts and support personnel take care of integrating your systems into our platform. This includes labelling, manifesting, routing, services and criteria. Once your business is on the platform, any of our retail clients have visibility into your services – making it easy for you to grow your company and to launch new services without additional integration.

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