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IMRG eCommerce Worldwide Cross-Border Summit

Cross-border eCommerce represents a huge opportunity for retailers – yet making a successful market entry is a complex process. There are many questions to consider – what do you need to do to localise your offer, what existing infrastructure is available, how does customer behaviour differ across regions, what payment methods are commonly used, how can you reduce exposure to risk, how should you manage your supply chain operation?

Ecommerce Worldwide Summit addresses these questions head-on, providing you with all the insight and intelligence you need to support successful entry into cross-border markets.

Topics covered throughout the day include:

  • The IMRG Cross-Border Trading Passports
  • International delivery & logistics
  • How to grow your business internationally
  • Localisation – why it’s important to keep things local
  • The world of payments

MetaPack’s VP of International, Tom Forbes, will be speaking at the event about Personalisation: The New Age of Delivery.

IMRG eCommerce Worldwide Cross-Border Summit

24th September 2015