The MetaPack Group is the Leading Delivery Management Platform for Local and Global eCommerce

We offer highly configurable software that connects shippers with all parcel carriers, alternative drop-off, collection and return solutions, in order to provide buyers and sellers with the best delivery experience. MetaPack recently announced the acquisition of the XLogics Group, giving their customers access to over 200 carrier networks across the EU and Rest of World, with the ability to provide over 3,000 carrier services globally.

The MetaPack Delivery Platform is a managed SaaS service that also provides sellers with incomparable Retail Intelligence Data and Anti-Fraud Capabilities.


MetaPack in 2 Minutes

Parcel count
volume today

year to date

year end forecast 175,000,000

Figures exclude approximately 40 million parcels a year for DMS clients



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Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Increase the choice and delivery satisfaction for your customers


Intelligent Despatch

Automated intelligent allocation and label printing for multiple carriers

Customer Care

Customer Care

Proactive customer care, tracking emails/sms and in-depth reporting


Returns Management 

Simplify reverse logistics through retailer or customer managed returns

Do you ship less than 500 parcels per day?

MetaPack's award-winning delivery management solution specifically for small- to medium-sized businesses

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