PSK GMBH is a European logistic operator, specialized in delivery of shipments to Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe

PSK Overview:

PSK is specialized in cross-border B2C parcel logistics for Western online retailers to the emerging markets Russia, Eastern Europe and CIS. Based on unique expertise for “difficult” destinations and a bi-national company structure PSK provides complex individual solutions, including market-specific complementary services, to achieve optimal sales, constantly striving to ensure the best service level possible and reasonable.

PSK Description:

Founded in 2011 PSK started deliveries from EU and non-EU countries (USA, China) to Russia via the Russian Post channel, providing an entry point close to Western customers (OE Berlin).
Soon processing capacity was increased by automation and complementary services were added (COD, customer notification). In 2015 separate express channels to Russia and Ukraine were launched; furthermore PSK extended delivery destinations (CEE, CIS), item categories (small packets, letters) as well as available services (pick-up, fulfillment, return management).

– multi-channel delivery
– cross-border DDP solutions and return management, specifically designed for Western online retailers and their customers
– adjustable delivery options for the end customer (time slots, to work, weekend)
– in-country returns
– COD collection and transfer
– pick-up from / return to customer’s warehouse

PSK Specialisms:

– international set up of company and team
– warehouses in Berlin and Moscow
– expert consultation, starting from market entry, on challenging issues (customs, duty free limits, customer data storage), on market specifics (habits, standards) a.o.
– regular update on customs, tax, legal regulations
– tailored solutions, based on each customer’s needs and goals
– monitoring/reports
– high-level customer service
– direct responsible problem containment
– “one window” for distribution, fulfillment, return management, payment processing
– integrated with major eCommerce platforms
– partnerships with leading local and Western operators

Express Delivery
Parcel Delivery
Registered Small Packet
Small Packet Semi-Tracked
Small Parcel
Carrier Contact Information:
Peter Barboff –
+49 (0) 3076 2397 1913


Service Name Destination Delivery Time Tracking Delivery Promise Pick-up/Drop-off
International Postal Delivery International Delivery Confirmation Not Available No
Express Delivery International Delivery Confirmation Not Available No
PSK Home Delivery International Delivery Confirmation Not Available No
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Russian Federation