25 minutes on Delivery Options

Episode 5 For this week’s discussion we are joined by Duncan License – VP Product at Metapack, who shares his thoughts on how retailers can use delivery options to their advantage, delivery options that meet consumer needs, how to price delivery options and more. You can find a copy of Metapack’s Delivery Options Benchmark here:

Who Owns the Relationship with the Customer?

Bonus Episode This bonus episode features a panel discussion that took place at TDC Global 2019 and addresses the subject of who owns the customer relationship: the brand, the retailer or the marketplace? And what is the role of the carrier: should they be building direct customer relationships? Panellists: Philippe Hemard, Founder, PHC Tim Jones,

Preparing for Peak 2019

Episode 3 For this episode we are joined by Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insights Director at IMRG (Internet Media Retail Group, the UK’s online retail association). Andy shares his thoughts on the current state of retail, an how brands and retailers can use the learnings from peak 2018 to plan for peak 2019. About this

Ship from Store

Episode 2 As a fulfillment process, Ship from Store offers retailers and brands the opportunity to use their bricks and mortar locations in a different way. In this episode we speak with Yuri Koldaev – Product Owner at MetaPack, who takes us through the benefits of Ship from Store, how it works, and things to

The sustainable Delivery Options consumers care about

While COVID-19 has taken the spotlight away from other pressing issues, sustainability remains a massive priority for consumers. A survey in 2020 found that 57% of UK online shoppers worry that the rise in online shopping is a significant threat to the environment. And their concerns are valid: The World Economic Forum predicts a 30%

APG: Three tips for ecommerce expansion in the Middle East

Ecommerce is booming all over the world, but nowhere more so than the Middle East. Even before the pandemic, ecommerce adoption in the region was rising rapidly, spurred on by digitally-savvy, smart-phone-wielding consumers in markets like the UAE and Saudi Arabia.   Fast-forward to 2020 and Statistica has valued the Middle Eastern ecommerce market at $17 billion, and predicted it

Barbour entscheidet sich für Leitung von Versand- und Retourenservices für Metapack

Die führende Lifestyle-Marke wird Delivery Manager, Delivery Options und das Retouren Portal von Metapack nutzen Barbour, die britische Marke für Tradition und Lifestyle, hat sich für die E-Commerce-Lösungen von Metapack entschieden. Im Rahmen dieser Partnerschaft wird Barbour die Metapack Produkte Delivery Manager (Multi-Carrier Plattform), Delivery Options (Lieferoptionen) und das Retouren Portal nutzen. Ziel ist es,

customer retention
Why delivery experience is your most powerful customer retention tool

We’re living in the middle of an ecommerce boom. Online retail was expected to grow 16.5% in 2020, but it ended up exploding by nearly 28%. In some parts the world we saw 10 years of ecommerce growth in the space of 3 months.  High demand is great news, but couple that with increased competition and shrinking customer retention rates and things