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John Lewis

Broadened delivery and collection options. Cut operating costs. Reduced delivery failures. Substantial growth in click & collect.

River Island

£3M in savings in overseas delivery costs. Conversion up 18% year-on-year. 35% reduction in customer service enquiries

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River Island
“The simplicity that the MetaPack solution offers has made it more feasible to implement innovative and dynamic new delivery solutions as they become available.”
—Sunil Bhudia, eCommerce Logistics Manager
„Täglich nutzen wir die Lösungen von MetaPack um Sendungen direkt aus unserem ERP System zu erzeugen. Dies bringt gleich zwei Vorteile - Zeitersparnis und Genauigkeit."
—Jon Lomax, Managing Director
Pierce AB
"MetaPack is a great solution, allowing us to continually improve our logistics and provide superior services to our customers. By unifying our systems MetaPack remove complexity as our business grows internationally, whilst focusing local services to customers."
—Stefan Rönn, COO and founder
John Lewis
„Wir wollen sowohl unseren Neukunden als auch den Bestandskunden eine optimierte Customer Experience über die einzelnen Kanäle hinweg bieten. Dabei spielen verbesserte Versandoptionen eine große Rolle, die sich stärker an den Wünschen der Kunden orientieren. MetaPack unterstützt uns großartig, um das zu erreichen."
—Dino Rocos, Operations Director

“MetaPack truly is a revolutionary concept. It has grown with our operation and has allowed us to offer a wider product range to our customers as well as visibility of all our orders, thus enhancing our customer service.”

—Jon Asbury, Multi-Channel Development Manager
Gorgeous Shop

“MetaPack has become a key component in the evolution of the business, allowing full visibility of our parcel movements and giving us the ability to measure courier performance.”

—Mark Gray, Co-founder and Director
“We are committed to providing our customers with an excellent delivery service and a range of delivery options to make shopping with us easier. In choosing MetaPack, we are open to easily add a number of carriers and services without the need of further integration.”
—Supply Chain Manager
Festive Lights

“The key benefits MetaPack provides to Festive Lights are the automation of the process and also the wide range of delivery options we can offer customers knowing that they will integrate within our system.”

—Richard Butterfield, Shipping Manager

“We’ve gone from nothing to a nearly fully automated system, and it has proved invaluable. We’re able to offer our customers an efficient, effective and consistently high level of customer service whilst helping to manage growth. The savings in both cost and time speak for themselves.”

—Ian Davidson, IT Director
CB Fashion
CB Fashion
„Ich denke, dass B2C-Kunden ein Angebot an dynamischen Lieferoption heutzutage erwarten und MetaPack hilft uns dabei diese Anforderung umzusetzen."
—Jan van Vlokhoven, Director Business Development
brands4friends case study
„Die Lösungen von MetaPack haben uns dabei geholfen, unsere Lieferprozesse sichtbar und vor allem optimierbar zu machen. Dieser wichtige Meilenstein in unserer Erfolgsgeschichte ist gleichzeitig die Grundlage für weitere Expansion."
—Timo Kirschner, Head of Operational Excellence & Logistics

“Even the best shopping experience can be totally negated by a bad delivery experience. With the Delivery Manager by MetaPack, our delivery options are significantly better.”

3P Logistics
“MetaPack is a great example of an affordable practical solution to an everyday operating problem.”
—John Scully, Business Development Manager
“Increasingly, we see returns as a key element of the customer experience. With MetaPack we’ve been able to put a lot of the functionality that we believe our customers will benefit from and do it in a way that will make it easy for them.”
—David Parsons, Head of Supply Chain Development
Tesco Fallstudie
„Bei Tesco sind wir uns sicher, dass MetaPack die richtige Lösung bietet, mit der wir unser Leistungsniveau in allen Belangen heben und damit auch für die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden sorgen können."
—Ed Osborne, Dropship Operations Manager
„Wir hatten dieses Jahr eine großartige Hochsaison und Metapack spielte dabei eine Schlüsselrolle. Die Zahlen, die wir zu Stabilität und Volumen gesehen haben, waren sehr beeindruckend! Wir freuen uns sehr, dies gemeinsam erreicht zu haben.“
—Jonathan Matchett, UK Managing Director