Bonus Episode

This bonus episode features a panel discussion that took place at TDC Global 2019 and addresses the subject of who owns the customer relationship: the brand, the retailer or the marketplace? And what is the role of the carrier: should they be building direct customer relationships?


  • Philippe Hemard, Founder, PHC
  • Tim Jones, Director of Marketing, DPD
  • Martijn de Lange, CEO, Evri
  • Klaus Goeldenbot, Chief Executive, Nisbets PLC
  • Alex Vassiliev, Chief International Officer, Yandex Market

About this Podcast

This podcast covers all things related to the delivery experience of online shoppers. Find out how retailers and brands across the globe are approaching their customer delivery experience, what consumers expect from them when it comes to delivery, and winning customer delivery strategies and trends as told by industry experts. If it’s about customer delivery, you will find the conversation here.