MetaPack’s solution for small and medium businesses

Consumers expect the best service no matter where they shop.

So whether you’re a marketplace seller, smaller or specialist retailer, manufacturer or a supplier starting to sell direct to consumers, then you’ll need the same industry-leading delivery technology used by the multinationals to help you compete, gain customer loyalty and win your next sale.

Using the core functionality of the MetaPack suite of products and services, myMetaPack offers a hassle free, quick and easy solution to your delivery challenges thorough a simple pricing plan, and on-going support focussed on your business, your issues, and your success.

Start using myMetaPack now to…

Print labels

Standardised label format means a single printer on any pack bench can print any label, for any carrier, for any service. Labels can also be integrated into your existing paperwork. Read more here.

Adopt new carriers easily

No more retyping of addresses or expensive development work. A simple one-time integration with your existing retail systems and marketplace platforms give you access to around 300 carriers and 3500 delivery services worldwide. Read more here.

Automate carrier selection

Increase despatch capacity and reduce resource costs in your warehouse by automatically and intelligently allocating the right delivery service to each shipment. Read more here.

Protect your delivery promise

Remove the delivery challenges of fulfilling late orders, carrier collection delays, strikes or bad weather by introducing automated contingency management to utilise alternative services. Trial carriers to improve your service.

Trade internationally

Automatically produce the right documentation for international orders, operate in multiple time zones and currencies and adopt the latest carrier services available. Read more here.

Reduce inbound calls

Turnaround costly inbound customer delivery queries using an interpreted carrier-independent tracking screen for your customer service operation. Available for access by your customer via your website as well. Read more here.

Delight your customers

Forge customer loyalty and repeat sales by providing an excellent customer delivery experience gained though proactive communication of timely and accurate parcel status information. Read more here.


All of this together with industry-leading technology and dedicated support to ensure delivery issues are a thing of the past.


Next steps…

  1. Take a look at MetaPack Demo here and here
  2. Look at the packages on offer
  3. Decide whether you are a Light, Small, Medium or Large shipper
  4. Contact us with your questions and we’ll get you up-and-running fast or call now on 0207 843 6631 or email

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